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The TurtleSnapp3r is a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 roboter. It has two touch sensors, 2 large motors and one medium motor. The large motors are used to move the TurtleSnapp3r, the medium one opens and shuts the snapper. The bumpers are connected to the touch sensors to detect a crash.


Chain Wheel

Chain Wheels

These are the chain wheels. Each of them is connected to a large motor to move the roboter around.


This is the snapper. It has a medium motor to open and close the shovels.



This is one of the two bumpers. It uses a touch sensor to stop the roboter if it crashed into an object which is not movable.

Windows Phone App


Here you see the UI of the Windows Phone app. Use the joystick to move the robot. With the two buttons beneath the joystick you can turn the robot left or right on the spot. The two buttons on the right are to open and close the snapper.

We use the library for the actual connection. Note that you need to pair your phone to the robot before you can start using the app.


See the video in action here:

Direct link:

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